First Place 2016 Jewelry Competition

For the second year now, I entered the NM State Fair Jewelry Competition. And for the second year, I received first place.

Last Year’s Competition

Last year, I submitted a sterling silver Viperscale bracelet. It was the first time I had made that design, and the first time I had seen it in Sterling Silver. Quite honestly, I was a little surprised that I won first place, but I was very pleased, too! It’s a beautiful design.

The Viperscale bracelet:

This Year’s Competition

I entered this year for the same reasons I entered last year:

  • Get a “professional’s” opinion of my jewelry,
  • Show people that chainmaille is beautiful, and
  • Increase awareness of this unique jewelry style.

Since I won last year, I figured I needed to “go bigger” this year and bring out something even more complex, more challenging, and more beautiful.

My submission this year was a Rondo a la Byzantine bracelet in sterling silver. It’s one of the most beautiful bracelets I make. This is what the Rondo a la Byzantine design looks like:

The bracelet took about 10 hours to make (not including making the rings and polishing). It is sterling silver wire, 18 gauge wire, with 4mm and 6mm inner diameter rings.

On the other hand…

Then add 3.5 hours to drive to Albuquerque to drop it off and another 3.5 hours to go see it during the fair. For some reason I don’t understand, the sponsors don’t notify people if they win. For example, they could call and say, “Hey, no reason to drive half-way across the state. You didn’t win anything.” Instead, I had to go to the fair ($10 parking, $10 entry) to see how I did. Finally, yet another 3.5 hours to go back and pick it up after the fair ends in a couple of weeks.

But totally worth it!

And the Result

First place.

I am very pleased by the results. Now, of course, I hope that a million people see it (or a few thousand, perhaps) and think, “Wow-I didn’t know chainmaille could be so pretty!”

Because, ultimately, that why I entered.

Here’s the bracelet and ribbon in the display case:

Want one just like it?

The entry piece is already taken. It was promised to someone even before I entered it. (Skylias, this one is all yours!) If you want one just like it, though, I’ll be happy to make one for you. Check out the Rondo a la Byzantine shop page here.

See you at the fair next year!