Making Jump Rings with Video

I have an order for a sterling silver Full Persian chainmaille bracelet, just like the one that I regularly wear. I didn’t have the jump rings I needed for the chainmaille bracelet, so I had to make some. That gave me a great idea: make a video so people can see all the steps to making jump rings for chainmaille.

Full persian unisex bracelet in sterling siver
Full Persian unisex bracelet in sterling siver

In the video below, I’m using 20 gauge (awg) sterling silver wire, 4.5 mm inner diameter. (With this size ring, the aspect ratio is 5.56, which is perfect for this chainmaille weave.)

You don’t see it in the video, but I actually made and cut 7 coils of rings. The video only shows me making and cutting one coil of wire. The video is 10:32, even after I cut out all the boring parts.

Once the bracelet is complete, I’ll put a lobster claw clasp on it and polish it in the tumber for an hour or so. It will be fantastic. The picture on the left shows what it will look like once I finish it–probably tomorrow.

This bracelet is available in the shop in both 20 gauge rings (as shown here) and in larger 18 gauge rings. See the medium sized (20 gauge) bracelet. See the large (18 gauge) bracelet.

Video of Jump Ring Making

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