Chainmaille Made Easy 7 Complete Jewelry Tutorials


7 Chainmaille Tutorials in one download.

Chainmaille Made Easy tutorials for Helm Weave, Viper Basket, Full Persian, Half Persian, Candy Cane Cord, Viperscale (blue-ribbon design!), Dragonscale (speed weaving technique).

88 pages, 201 close-up pictures, lots of useful text to help you make the fantastic chainmaille designs.



All 7 Chainmaille Made Easy Tutorials in 1 PDF download. 88 pages, 201 pictures teach you step-by-step the easy ways to make these beautiful jewelry designs.

My Chainmaille tutorials are called “Made Easy” because they give you all the steps, all the pictures, all the instruction, and all the tips you need to master 7 chainmaille designs. These are the complete tutorials, together in one PDF.

Images are close-up and carefully cropped. Text is edited and clear for easy-to-follow instructions. Tips and hints provide techniques learned from years of making these designs.


Individual price for all tutorials: $29.77
Discount price for this combined tutorial: $10.50 (65% discount!)


(in order of difficulty, from beginner to advanced)

  • Helm Weave, a.k.a. Parallel Weave
  • Viper Basket
  • Full Persian
  • Half Persian 4 in 1
  • Candy Cane Cord
  • Viperscale
    (winner of the 2015 state jewelry competition)
  • Dragonscale
    (speed weaving technique, winner of the 2017 state jewelry competition)


“Wonderful tutorial, it is incredibly simple to follow along.”
“This weave always looked difficult until I ordered the tutorial. David makes it so easy to follow–wonderful instructions!”
” ‘Made Easy’ are the best words to describe all David’s tutorials. He puts a lot of time and thought into them.”
“David’s tutorials are the easiest to follow that I have ever seen.”
“Great clear pictures and fantastic instructions.”
“Finally!! I can now make a Candy Cane Cord bracelet or necklace!!! Directions are very easy to follow! Thank you!”
“Great! Easy to follow! I already made three bracelets with this!



I used common sizes for the jump rings so you can find (or make) them easily. Here are the sizes I used in the tutorials.

  • Helm Weave/Parallel Weave
    18 gauge, 6mm inner diameter AND
    18 gauge, 4mm inner diameter (you need both)
  • Viperbasket
    18 gauge, 7mm inner diameter AND
    18 gauge, 4.5mm inner diameter (you need both)
  • Full Persian
    18 gauge, 6mm inner diameter (or: 20 gauge, 4mm inner diameter)
  • Half Persian 4 in 1
    18 gauge, 6mm inner diameter
  • Candy Cane Cord
    20 gauge, 4.5mm inner diameter
  • Viperscale
    18 gauge, 6mm inner diameter
  • Dragonscale
    18 gauge 6mm inner diameter AND
    20 gauge 4mm inner diameter (you need both)

You can change the ring sizes from what I used in the tutorials, and each tutorial gives advice on what sizes will work.


This is a big file: many pages and many pictures. The file is 13.5 Mb, so you may need to be patient when you download it. If you have difficulty downloading it following purchase, I can assist you in receiving the file.


This listing is for the instructional PDF download only. No supplies are included. No refunds are possible because this is a digital file, not a tangible product.


You may not sell or distribute this PDF or use it to provide training to other people. This is for your use only. The tutorials are protected by U.S. copyright laws. On the other hand, please make lots of jewelry from this design and sell as much as you can! These designs are beautiful!