Gold and Silver Mermaid Cuff


Imagine your wrist surrounded in silver and gold. When you really, really want to spoil yourself, this is the bracelet.

A heavy gold and silver cuff bracelet that will always, always get attention.

Sterling silver and 14K gold fill intricately woven together create this mermaid weave.

Versions: standard and heirloom versions

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Sterling silver rings interwoven with 14K gold-fill rings, with the larger silver rings facing one direction, and the inner gold fill rings facing the other directions. With the gold rings on the inside, they give the appearance of depth and complexity.

Together, they create the appearance of scales, hence the name: “Mermaid Weave.”

Blue Ribbon at the 2017 NM State Fair Jewelry Competition—Chainmaille Category!

Each piece is 66% sterling silver and 34% 14K gold fill, which means a lot of silver and a lot of gold.

Be Spectacular!


This is a heavy bracelet, but with the width, the weight is well distributed on your wrist, for a comfortable feeling. The silver quickly warms to your skin temperature, so you can almost forget that you’re wearing it.

But not quite—because it is so very, very beautiful!

This bracelet takes longer to make than any other design, but the result is stunning. Without a doubt, this is a show-off bracelet.

Lavish yourself in luxury.

Jewelry Details

Design name: Dragonscale / Mermaid
Material(s): Sterling silver, 14K gold fill
Length: 6.5 to 8.5 inches
Width: 1 inch
Weight: Heavy (example: 3 ounces at 7 inches)
Clasp: Sterling silver tube clasp
Version(s): Standard, Heirloom
Special feature: Welded rings
Made to Order: 2–3 weeks to make and ship

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Professional Handmade Craftsmanship

Other than the clasp, this bracelet is all handmade.

  • I make rings from spools of sterling silver and gold fill wire.
  • Rings are carefully saw cut to exact specifications.
  • Cut edges are lightly filed for a smooth, scratch-free finish.
  • Rings are closed completely and accurately to increase durability, flexibility, and beauty.
  • Rings are welded closed for long-lasting beauty.
    Standard: Rings near the clasp are welded.
    Heirloom: All rings are welded closed.
  • Bracelet is hand-washed to remove any oils, then polished for at least 2 hours for a superior, professional shine.

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6.5 in, 6.75 in, 7.0 in, 7.25 in, 7.5 in, 7.75 in, 8.0 in, 8.25 in, 8.5 in


Heirloom, Standard