Helm Parallel Weave Made Easy Chainmaille Tutorial Download


Helm Weave, also called Parallel Weave, is a beautiful and simple chainmaille design. This download chainmaille tutorial will show you the easy way to master this design. 8 pages. 22 Pictures.



Helm Weave (also called Parallel Weave) Chainmaille is a simple and beautiful beginners’ design. This PDF download TUTORIAL with 22 pictures teaches you the EASY way to make this chainmaille design.

I have seen other tutorials for this design, and they show the hard and frustrating way to make this chainmaille weave. This tutorial draws from my years of experience to show you the easy way. If you are new to making chainmaille, or if you want to learn a better way to make Helm Weave, this photo tutorial will give you all the steps.

Note: if you plan to make more complex designs such as the amazing Rondo a la Byzantine, you absolutely need to learn this weave first. This design is the base design for several other weaves. But it’s pretty all by itself!

Rings You Will Need

18 gauge, 6 mm inner diameter (larger rings)
18 gauge, 4 mm inner diameter (smaller rings)

Per inch (approximately):
9 larger rings, 6 smaller rings

What People Say About My Tutorials

People like my tutorials. The pictures are clear and show the detail you need. The text is carefully edited so you will understand the instruction. I also offer lots of tips and tricks I have learned over the years to help you create beautiful chainmaille jewelry with ease.

Sample reviews

  • Great clear pictures and fantastic instructions.
  • ‘Made Easy’ are the best words to describe all David’s tutorials. He puts a lot of time and thought into them.
  • Really pleased with the downloaded tutorial. Very clear and well illustrated.
  • Easy instructions, great customer service.

If you purchase this tutorial and still have questions, email me and send pictures. I’ll help you get it right!

Disclaimers and Legal Stuff

This listing is for the instructional PDF download only. No supplies are included. No refunds are possible because this is a digital file, not a tangible product. You may not sell or distribute this PDF. It is protected by U.S. copyright laws. You may only copy, store, or reproduce this tutorial for your personal use.

On the other hand, please make lots of jewelry from this design and sell as much as you can!