Starter Chain for Jens Pind Linkage JPL


Starter chain to make the Jens Pind Linkage (JPL) chainmaille design. The JPL is tricky to get started, but fairly easy to continue. This starter chain will get you past the hard part!


This listing is for ONE Jens Pind Linkage (JPL) starter chain. Many people find JPL difficult to get started, so this one-inch starter chain should help a lot.

Making the JPL with the Starter Chain

Once you have a JPL starter chain, completing the chain is fairly simple. Each new ring goes through the last two rings and lines up parallel to the 3rd to last ring. Also, make sure the angle of the new ring matches the angle of the 3rd to last ring. There’s really only two places where you can put the new ring through the last two rings: one on each side, and both places are correct! Basically, just go through the last two rings and use the 3rd to last ring as a guide.

About the Starter Chain

The starter chain is 1 inch long. It is made from three types of colored wire to help you see the pattern easily. The starter may or may not be in the same color schemes as the one shown, but it will be three different colored wires. Of course, you can use any type of 18 gauge wire to continue the chain! (I’m a fan of sterling silver and 14/20 gold-fill: they look fantastic with the JPL design.)

The rings are 18 gauge (AWG, 1.02 mm), 3 mm inner diameter, for an aspect ratio of 2.94, which makes a very nice chain.The product images show 2 chains with these dimensions.

Shipping Cost

The shipping cost is included in the price already. No extra charge for shipping!

The weave is perfect, and the closures are good, so you can get started on your own JPL chain, with beautiful results. The starter will last for a long time, longer than you will need it. After you make your chain, snip it off and use it again for your next JPL chain.